Sara Sandberg 2010
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We’ve moved!!!  Time for Crafting is now Cardmaking Paradise!  Come and join us at www.cardmakingparadise.com

The tiny book template is easy, you can make the book as big or small as you want, with as many pages!


My book is made up of 3cm x 3 cm pages.


Here I have included three different templates.  The first is in word, where I have put some text boxes that you can just edit with your own text.  You can either stamp images, or add your own clip art.  The clip art I used came from www.pccrafter.com but microsoft have their own good selection too.

wedding book.doc
tiny book.pdf
wedding book.GSD

When you have decorated your Tiny Book, concertina the pages and glue them back to back – I use double sided tape for this.

This is what the Tiny Book template looks like.

Cut your covers from thick card, or make them from shrink plastic – the finished size should be 3.5 x 3.25 cm.

Take two pieces of thin thread and stick them to the inside of the covers as shown.  Cut them a longer than they need to be – it’s easier to tie a bow with long pieces, and you can trim them down once you’ve tied the bow!

Fold up your tiny book, and carefully stick it to the back cover – the back of the book needs to be in line with the back of the cover.  If the covers stick out past the back, you can’t open the book properly!

Now you can attach the front cover.  Tie the ribbons, and you’re done!

Tiny Book